Monday, October 7, 2013

My sanity...It's called "The Everest!!"

At 6 weeks post-partum; having four kids 3 and under, I was going a little crazy.  Going anywhere alone was a chore. I couldn't even go for a simple walk to enjoy the fresh outdoors unless I wanted to chase the older two.  I was going a little insane!  I had asked a friend if she still had her quad stroller because she too had four kids within three years.  Unfortunately, she sold it!  I turned my insanity into desperation and started searching for a way to get a break, go for a walk, with all four kids strapped in.  I was desperately looking for freedom! And I found it.  A New Zealand Quad stroller I have been drooling over this stroller ever since we found out about the possibility of getting our Little Dude, the little miracle we are adopting. It's not sold in America.  However, it can be shipped here so it's not impossible to find in America.  It retails for $1700 and costs nearly $300 in shipping costs to get it from New Zealand to America.  I had given up the idea of ever owning one of these strollers.  But our God still amazes me and continues to bless us.  Someone on Craiglist, just 3.5 hours away was selling the New Zealand Adventure Buggy for a fraction of the cost!!  This crazy momma, packed up all four kids, called Grandma to come with, and drove to get it!!  Here is the legendary stroller referred to as the Everest, my sanity saver...

All four kids at the mall, enjoying their ride.  

And it fits in the van like a glove!!

Thank you Lord Jesus for a break, for blessing us with this amazing stroller for a fraction of the price!!  I love my kiddos, I love my stroller, and I love my life.  It's certainly the little things, isn't it.  :)