Monday, July 16, 2012

Much needed update on our Little Man...

Little Man is growing in leaps and bounds.  He can do so many things these days.  He can crawl on all fours, stand up with furniture, walk with mommy's assistance, babble like no tomorrow, and loves to put everything in his mouth!  

Little Man has been doing fairly well lately regarding his "episodes."  We thought he was over them, maybe he just outgrew whatever was causing them.  So that was a relief to us these past few weeks.  On the other hand, Little Man cannot tolerate solid foods.  We have tried multiple different foods and he just screams and then cannot have a bowel movement for days without assistace.  We took him to doctors and no answers.  We are currently waiting to see a GI specialist.  The earliest we can be seen by a GI doctor is August 20.  We tried all over WI and this is the earliest.  We switched his doctor and now he sees a pediatrician with Marshfield Clinic.  This doctor changed his acid reflux meds (this ahs helped) and scheduled various appointments and tests.  And one of those appointments was today.  We saw an allergist to determine if little man is allergic to the foods we have tried to give him.  After getting the results back from the test today, I was in shock.  May I saw, overwhelmed!  He is not allergic to the foods we have tried, however; we finally, after 8.5 months, received some answers today.  SuperDaddy and I are thrilled to finally have an answer to his episodes.  But this answer does not come easy by any means.  Our Little Man is allergic to our cats, Tinkerbell and Kit Kat.  We also found out that his "episodes" were asthmatic attacks as a result of the allergy to them.  This means we have to find new homes for our cats.  We also have to wash down all the walls and ceilings.  Preferably replace the carpets and furniture. We are also to buy a HEPA filtre to help get rid of the allergens.  Apparently reactions are worse in the winter months and that is why he has been "episode free" these past few weeks.  The doctor wants us to have the house and everything changed over and cleaned before the winter months because of the risks involved.  He now has an inhaler in the event he would have another asthmatic attack.  He aslo has an allergy medicine as needed if he will be exposed to cats or dogs.

Please continue to pray for our Little Man...

  • Pray that we get answers from the GI doctor why he cannot tolerate solid foods.
  • Please pray we find new homes for our cats.
  • Pray for our family as we grieve losing our cats. 
  • Praise the Lord we have found an answer to his episodes and a cure!!!
  • Pray that we can get the house cleaned and changed over in a timely manner so that our little man can feel better as soon as possible.

Kit Kat is our four year old Cat. She is female, spade, and is declawed in the front.  She loves people and does very well with kids.  If you are interested in taking her, please contact me. 

Tinkerbell is our ten year old Cat. She is also female, spade, and is declawed in the front.  Tink is wonderful after she gets use to you. Sometimes she is a bit on the territorial side.  She would do well in a home with one/two people.  Please contact us if you are interested in taking her.