Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some overdue updated News...

I would like to let you know that last week before I got this terrible sinus cold (probably a sinus infection)  and then an ear infection, I was having some pains and worrisome pressure in my pelvis.  The midwife advised us to go to the hospital and get checked out; just to make sure everything was ok.  Seven hours after arriving in Triage, we were given some pretty exciting news.  They performed a follow up ultrasound to check my cervix and the placenta previa.  To our astonishment, the placenta had moved completely out of the way in a very short time, only 2 weeks!  Some believe it was originally a mis-diagnosis, but I don't.  I know and believe that we had placenta previa and I know that the Lord has graciously answered our prayers and moved the placenta.  We prayed for His will to be done, regardless of the way of delivery for this wonderful baby.  We wanted Him to receive the glory.  And I want you all to know that our God has been answering many of our prayers in ways that we still can't fathom. Please praise Him with us!!  We were finally discharged, knowing my cervix thined ever so slightly, (no big deal, I guess).  We left with instructions for pelvic rest for an additional 4 weeks.  So we are very excited to say that we, again, are planning our home water birth for our second baby if God allows, and in the event of an emergency we will be go to the hospital.

In other news, SuperDaddy and I have been praying and seeking a job change, So that he can spend more time with the family.  We are pleased to say that he starts his new job on July 25, 2011.  Working til 3:30 everyday instead of 6 and still making the same amount!!!  God has been so gracious to us, when we are so underserving sinful people.  It's amazing to see God's hand in our lives and His plans unfold before our very eyes. 

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support during these times of transition for us.  Please continue to praise the Lord with us!!!

and here are some pics of our new addition coming soon...

Monday, July 4, 2011

It hurts...the longing and constant reminders...

Lord, please grant me the patience, understanding, and wisdom to be the mother my children need and and the wife my husband needs in the midst of the painful moments of life when I am so constantly reminded that I do not have that special someone to stay with me to help with my newborn, the one I can wake at 10:30 at night to talk about my heart, to help me with my one year old when I need a break, the one who'd tell me everything's going to be okay, and I'd believe her because she would be that special someone most call Mom. Lord, thank you for my family and what you have given me. I pray this constant pain and deep desire to have a mother, could be used for my good and Your glory.
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