Friday, April 23, 2010


I must explain the title of my blog... Have I learned the secret of being content?  I know the secret of being content is having faith in Christ for everything, yet I want to be honest with myself and my readers.  I fall short of this often.
Little Peanut has not been doing well these past few weeks.  Last week, she had some virus (GI related-at least that's what the docs thought), this week she has an ear infection, and now after being on antibiotics for 5 days, she is still fussy.  I took her in for her  2 month appointment today and the doc says, "she may have colic."  And is this what I wanted to hear?  Absolutely not!  I didn't even know what colic was, I thought it was a word they used when they couldn't find out what was wrong.  However, the doc explained to me what this colic thing is all about.  Some babies have an "immature" GI system.  If I'm understanding it correctly, her stomach and intestines are not absorbing some proteins very well yet.  Thus causing her to be in pain, fuss most of the time, and like excessive movement (i.e. the bouncy ball-the only way my husband can hold her) It might take a while for her fussiness to subside until her system is "mature" enough to absorb the proteins.  So why am I talking about Peanut's fussiness in a contentment post?  Simply put, it's exhausting...I love children, my inmost desire is to be a mother, I've worked with children for 10+ years and there's just something about children that makes my world go round. And in February, the Gracious Lord granted me the wonderful gift of motherhood.  I tell you this, so that it is known that I love my baby girl so very much, yet at times, I have a desire to be selfish and want my little girl to stop crying, to just take a break from her fussiness. I want my husband to come home to hold her, take care of her, and bounce on the ball-to do it for me!  In theses moments, I find myself un-contented.  (I don't know if that is a word, but it is now!)  I just want what I want...However God has bigger plans for us and the trials we go through.  I've been working on a bible study called "Walking by Faith" by Jennifer Rothschild, and what God is showing me is immeasurable.  Here is a paragraph written by Jennifer...
"I once thought of faith as a recipe for getting what I wanted from God.  If that were true, it would mean that if I could muster enough faith, I would no longer be blind.  But faith is not meant to offer an escape from life's difficulties; its purpose is to give us strength in the midst of them.  God allows hardship because of His great mercy and love for us,"

God taught Jennifer thru her blindness and put it in the right perspective.  It's not about what we can get from God, it's about what God is teaching us through the trials in our lives.  Yes, Peanut's fussiness is a trial, but it is something that the Lord is using for His glory!  It may be difficult at times having a baby, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.  With God's strength,  Peanut and I are doing wonderul! 

Going back to the title of this post and my blog, contentment... It's easy to be discontent, but when you go back to Jesus, He always puts things back into the right perspective! 

Thank you Jesus for everything you do and give us!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our New Home

Here are the pictures promised of our new home...

2,160 livable square feet and the lot size is  120x123.

The front outside isn't that attrative in my opinion, but the inside makes up for it. Yes, you are seeing correctly, two front entrances, no it's not a duplex.  One entrance goes into the family room (left door by garage), the other entrance goes into the living room.   The awnings have got to go!  I'm thinking maybe we can build some better looking ones.  I'm looking forward to landscaping this yard to make it more attractive!

Here is the family room looking towards the road.  The fireplace is not a keeper, I think it's ugly, and the inspector says that it is unusable anyway.  In th future we plan on abandoning this chimney and fireplace and putting in a gas fireplace in the living room.  This room looks like a great playroom, once we do something with that fireplace. 

Here is the dining area.  These pictures do not do this house justice.  It is much nicer in person.  The Kitchen and dining area are very spacious.  In the future maybe one can convince SuperDaddy that we need a patio door off the dining area. 

Here is the kitchen.  The house came with a dishwasher.  Yipee!!! Without the dishwasher being included SuperDaddy was thinking of not having a dishwasher.  I'm glad this Mom doesn't have to live without a dishwasher!  We must purchase the stove and fridge, you know what that means, it's time to watch craiglist

This is the Living room looking out towards the road again. 

This is the other side of the living room. There is the second entrance to the house. Behind that wall are the stairs to go upstairs

This is the main level full bathroom.  The only inconvenient thing of the house is that both bathrooms are fairly small.  But I'm glad to sacrifice that for the nice size living space.  And wait til you see the master bedroom....

Again, you see the pictures do not do justice.  This is only a 1/3 of the master bedroom.  It is actually quite huge!!  And after we get the keys next week, I will have to take more pictures, so you can get a better idea.

This is the upstairs full bathroom, yes it is small.  However, there is a full size bath behind the door.

This is the back yard.  I will have to upload more pictures of the yard as well.  The yard needs some work.  The grass needs a lime treatment and it all needs a little TLC with some nice landscaping.  However, the first thing that needs to be done is...raking, lots of raking!

There you have it! Our New Home!  Closing date is next week on the 21st.  Then it's off to Florida for 2 weeks, we willing be leaving friday the 23rd...God-willing.

Another adorable picture of peanut...

Friday, April 16, 2010


 I have decided to start a blog inspired by a few friends who already have blogs running.  I have to say that I have the best career being a stay at home mom of Little Peanut and wife of SuperDaddy!  Peanut will be 2 months old next week!  Wow, where does the time go?  I've been wanting to start this blog even before Peanut was born.  There's many things on this blog site that I would like to do, but must learn some things first, i.e. how to upload a picture in a post?  I would like this site to be a place for you to go to catch up on how the our family is doing, what we've been doing, and how the Lord is working in our lives.  Coming soon pictures of our new home and Florida vacation...

But here is a cute picture of Peanut as you wait

Thanks for visiting!!!