Friday, December 20, 2013

Diy paci-plushie or wubanub

My oldest boy, mind you, I have four kiddos 3 years old and younger, has a wubanub. It is his best friend! When he bit thru his wubanub and i showed him it was broken, he was devastated. I was going to be that mom that says you bit it, its gone forever. My little man bent in half bawling for his puppy to be fixed. My heart melted for him. So what I did next was probably what any mother of four tiny kiddos would do. I gently calmed him down and told him I would fix puppy. He must not hurt puppy again though. He agreed in his toddler way he wouldnt hurt puppy again. I brainstormed how am I going to fix this. The soothie is not replacable?? They dont sell wubanub in wausau (at least to mu knowledge). I thought i would take his nuk altogether but I just simply wasnt ready. Littleman has gone thru so much with his health, surgeries, an adoptive brother, and a new brother all in such a short amount of time that I wasnt going to take it. So i cut off the broken soothie and handsewn on a gumdrop paci! I brought it back to him and said I fixed it. He was the happiest little guy on the planet! It was priceless.  And its been at least 6 weeks and he still hasnt hurt puppy! 

So my littlest guy was going back and forth on his mam nuk. Not wanting it, then wanting it. I really wanted him to try a wubanub but he hated the soothie. So i gave up. Well until i discovered this...

Its a paci-plushie blankie!! How cool is that!! And the coolest part is that it takes a mam, better yet it takes all kinds of nuks/pacis!! So i looked it up on amazon $18!  I wasnt going to spend another $18 when I knew I could do this at home. So this mamma was at it again!! This is Little guys diy paci-plushie blankie!! 

I think it looks pretty good and he loves it!!! 
And this is how I did it...

I had found the mam holder and hand sewn it directly the the monkeys head.

Then pop in your nuk of chioce

And there you have it!! 

It's a paci plushie with no extra cost. Simply find a lovey that you already have. Handsew a holder to it and pop in the nuk!