Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crazy life full of Wonderful blessings if I only give it up to my Lord!

We have been quite busy over here at our house lately. Three kids, 3 and under, and with another one on it’s way, in August, I’m one tired exhausted mommy!!  I’ve always loved children.  I’ve always wanted multiples of children.  God has surely blessed SuperDaddy and I abundantly in this area!  We will have 4 kids, aged 3 and under in just a few short weeks.  I’m glad a have a great friend to call on since she entered this boat 18 months ago with her clan of kiddos ;)  Most days, I feel like I’m running on empty.  I ask myself, “How can I do one more day, I didn’t get any sleep last night.”  Little Man has been showing signs of his “problems” returning.  I’m praying it’s just a fluke, a minor bug, or possibly an allergic reaction to dogs.  We visited a friend last week with a dog and he has been off ever since.  We are still in the process of adopting our nephew and the end is not in sight yet.  Please keep us in your prayers.  Last week, I hit the bottom.  I was expecting myself to be perfect.  Have the perfect house, perfect kids, and be the perfect wife.  I was draining myself, as I cannot nor can anyone reach such a standard I laid out for myself.  I read a blog post by a friend titled “giving up.”  It was just what I needed to hear. I need to give up everything to the Lord, not set my own standards but look to the Lord. He tells me in His word that He will carry the burdens, if I only allow it.  This past week has been more peaceful in our home but I cannot lie, I try to get back on the throne and take the reigns back from my Lord.  Today was one of those days.  I got no sleep last night, Little man is acting “weird”, as if he is getting sick all over again, He puked everywhere this morning, we have yet another adoption meeting tomorrow.  I’m tired and didn’t want to see the blessing in my day.  I have 3 almost 4 wonderful blessings to wake up to each day; to love, to cuddle, to play with, to feed, and to share the love of Christ with!  Would you pray with me, as I will need to daily give up it all to my Lord.  If you visit us, the dishes probably won’t be cleaned up, the playroom will have toys everywhere, folding laundry is a luxury around here, so you won’t find that done either.  But, hopefully, with God’s help; you will find a home full of Christ’s love and many little munchkins enjoying life with their mommy.  Here is a poem I came across on Facebook that helped changed my perspective on life today…Please enjoy! 

For the days we are running on empty. For the days we just don't think we have it in us to read one more story, play one more game of Uno, wash one more round of sheets. For the days when we think everyone else has it together. For the days we're sure anyone else would do this job better.

For those days. You know the ones.

Repeat after me:

1. I shall not judge my house, my kid's summer activities or my crafting skills by Pinterest's standards.

2. I shall not measure what I've accomplished today by the loads of unfolded laundry but by the assurance of deep love I've tickled into my kids.

3. I shall say yes to blanket forts and see past the chaos to the memories we're building.

4. I shall surprise my kids with trips to get ice cream when they're already in their pajamas.

5. I shall not compare myself to other mothers but find my identity in the God who trusted me with these kids in the first place.

6. I shall remember that a messy house at peace is better than an immaculate house tied up in knots.

7. I shall play music loudly and teach my kids the joy of wildly uncoordinated dance.

8. I shall remind myself that perfect is simply a street sign at the intersection of impossible and frustration in Never Never land.

9. I shall embrace the fact that in becoming a mom I traded perfect for a house full of real.

10. I shall promise to love this body that bore these three children out loud, especially in front of my daughter.

11. I shall give my other mother friends the gift of guilt-free friendship.

12. I shall do my best to admit to my people my unfine moments.

13. I shall say sorry when sorry is necessary.

14. I pray God I shall never be too proud, angry or stubborn to ask for my children's forgiveness.

15. I shall make space in my grown-up world for goofball moments with my kids.

16. I shall love their father and make sure they know I love him.

17. I shall model kind words to kids and grown-ups alike.

18. I shall not be intimidated by the inside of my minivan this season of chip bags, goldfish crackers and discarded socks too shall pass.

19. I shall always make time to encourage new moms.

20. I shall not resent that last call for kisses and cups of water but remember instead that when I blink they'll all be in college.

... with love from one tired mother to another.