Monday, July 1, 2013

A not so good update on Little Man...

Little Man has been showing signs that aren't so good lately. Would you please join us in praying for answers, once again.  For the last month, he has been refusing to eat most foods until he jump starts himself with a decent meal.  I was hoping it was a phase. Three weeks ago, he started having diarrhea and undigested food in his stools.  I was hoping he reacted to a friend's house because she has a dog and carpet.  His asthma symptoms are returning and his digestive system is completely going haywire.  Last week he was constipated for 4 days, I gave him a suppository, then the diarrhea and undigested food returned along with tons of mucous that afternoon.  His eyes get blood shot and swollen at times and he gets random rashes on his body.  We don't understand what is going on with him.  There are many red flags.  As of last friday, his nurse just wanted to blame it on the minor cold that he has.  I'm not buying that as an answer.  I told her I'm not waiting for him to be labeled failure to thrive and start starving again before we search for answers.  I decided to get him into his pediatrician next week to discuss further action.  We see him July 10.  It could be an array of things causing these symptoms.  Does he have celiac or gluten intolerance?   It's about that time his body would start showing signs of intestinal damage.  He may have a colonoscopy and biopsy done to confirm or deny this theory.  Is his body "more" allergic to milk now and rejecting it?  He was diagnosed with a level 1-2 milk allergy in April.  Being it was only a level 1 allergy the benefit outweighed the risk and we put him on pediasure and other diary products.  And right now, diary is one of the few things I can get him to eat.  Without pediasure, he cannot maintain his weight.  We tried removing pediasure in May and he dropped 1/2 pound.  We put him back on pediasure and he gained 1.5 pounds.  We have no idea what is going on with our Little Man, but please pray for some answers and doctors' willingness to help us find them.  He appears to be growing in length as his pants are getting a bit on the short side.  He is still in 12 month pants.  However, I know something isn't right about my Little Man and I will not give up until we have answers with positive results.  Please pray for wisdom for us and the doctors.  Please pray I will stay focused on the Lord during this time and completely trust him with my baby boy. (Yes, I may have 2 baby boys younger than him, but he is still my baby boy :) )

 You have my permission to take this post viral again because prayer is powerful and God works in amazing ways.  Thank you family and friends for your prayers and support.  Our Little Man is in good hands