Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Man's 6 month update...

Please continue to pray for our little man.  First the praises!

  • Praise:  Days have gotten much easier as he loves, absolutely loves to crawl around the house.  So there is a lot less crying during the day.  He is still having "episodes" during his sleep.  They wake him up and he screams. Therefore, I still hold him at night and nurse him often, as it is the only way to calm him down after an episode.  
  • Praise: At 5 months old we switched doctors and he was put on zantac and probiotic for acid reflux.  HE IS SO MUCH BETTER!  We still have our days where crying is heard a lot but we have finally hit a point where I can get some things down around here. 
  • Praise: Today, my wonderful mother in law came over to help juggle him and cleaning.  My entire first floor is clean!!  I'm so excited, I pray it stays this way for a while so I can enjoy a clean home ;)  

Prayer Requests:

  • We attempted to feed him solids, and it didn't go very well.  First we tried avocados, he was constipated and needed multiple suppositories.  We waited a couple of  weeks and tried rice (thinking it might be easier to digest) he screamed for a couple hours that night) So then we tried prunes (my thinking, well this can't constipate him) That night was by far the worst night I have experienced being a mother.  My little man literally screamed, arms and hands flaying, from 11pm until 3am.  I was getting hurt by him as he was kicking and hitting me and I had to put him down.  If I laid him in the crib, he just would hurt himself more.  I ended up buckling him in his car seat and had to helplessly watch him scream until he finally stopped 4 hours later.  So needless to say, I'm terrified to try solids again.  We spoke with his doctor and she said to wait a few months and try again.  So yes, my 6.5 month old is still strictly breastfed.  Please pray that my milk supply stays adequate for his necessary development. Right now is a developing very well and no need for concern.  He is my big little man!
  • His 6 month MRI is scheduled for Wednesday may 23.  We arrive at the hospital at 8:15, the MRI is at 10:00.  This MRI is going to confirm or deny if he has sturge weber syndrome. Little man will need to be sedated for this procedure.  As a result, he will not be able to eat for at least five hours before the MRI. Please pray that we get through this time well.  Also please pray that he does not have sturge weber.   Regardless if he does or not pray that we continue to  find rest in God's almighty hands and trust him with our son's future. 
  • He has had 2 laser treatments.  He is responded fairly well.  We still have many more ahead of us.  His next scheduled laser treatment is on June 6.  Please pray he does very well so that  his nine month treatment can be done in clinic without sedation.  The more we can do when he is little the better as it doesn't involve sedation.  And because of these summer treatments, he cannot be in the sun AT ALL.  Please pray that he doesn't get sun exposure as this is very hard to do all the time.  
Enjoy some little Man pics....