Monday, May 21, 2012

Please Pray for my Little Peaunt

As well as praying for Little Man, could we ask for prayers for our Little Peanut.  Little Peanut has been potty trained since 22 months old.  She is now 27 months old.  We have noticed that she "pees" incorrectly and this apparently needs to be fixed. She pees up and out of the toilet instead of down and into it. She is having "minor" surgery on Friday May 25 with sedation to fix this.  Yes, you read that correctly, not just one, but both of my babies will be sedated two days apart.  Yes, I'm anxious, trying not to freak out inside.  Please pray for SuperDaddy and I as we go through this week's appointments, trusting our little ones to Him.  Please pray Little Peanut's surgery goes well and she doesn't react negatively to the anesthetic.

some cute pics of Little Peanut...