Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sorry so late...Little Man's update...

Sorry, life is a crazy busy roller coaster these days, so I am now just getting to Little man's update on how his appointment went last Wednesday.  It was a long exhausting day but we survived it, I'm sure it will get easier as we make the trip every 8 weeks for many many months ahead of us.  We left home around 5 am and just made it to his appointment at 9am (I even had some minutes to grab a muffin before his appointment) 

Here are some cute faces of Little Man as we were waiting...

Well, it seemed like forever that we waited in the exam room before his procedure, but after 2 hours we were all ready.  Thankfully his procedure didn't take long and daddy actually was able to hold him during it.  His laser treatment doesn't hurt too much the doctors say.  It feels like a flick of the finger, then for a couple days it feels like a very minor sunburn.  He doesn't seem to mind it at all. He sleeps on it and doesn't act like he is in pain.  This is  very comforting because even hearing his cry during the procedure made me want to cry myself.  During his procedure I stayed out of the room, knelt, and prayed.  I prayed I could comfort him as I was unable to comfort him after his circumcision.  He sometimes struggles with nursing (especially after he has a bottle, which he did that morning in the car)  He refused to nurse before his treatment.  So I was praying that he would find success in nursing and that it would comfort him.  Well, his procedure lasted no longer than 2 minutes, yes just 2 minutes.  Then the doctor gave me my little man and he successfully nursed and was comforted!! YES, a HUGE answer to prayer.  It all went very well, and he is healing up nicely.  He looked like he had polka dots on his face.  In order to treat everything on his head, next time we will have to give our little man his first hair cut.  I'm thinking this will be fun :) 

Here is a pic of what he looks like after treatment.  They say the more bruising, the better.  As of today, a lot of them are healed up already. 

Please continue to keep Little Man in your prayers...

1.)  That he responds well to the laser treatment and will need fewer treatments than more. 

2.) He passes his eye test for glaucoma on Feb 29.

3.) That he doesn't have Sturge Weber Syndrome.  ( We will find out when we do the MRI at 6 months old)

4.) That his "episodes" will not be confirmed as seizures or anything else alarming.  He has had a few more, but it seems like it may be more of a breathing issue than a seizure.

Thank you for your prayers and support and caring for our Little Man!!