Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Praising The LORD!

Today some decisions were made...an appointment was canceled...an appointment was made!!  After our crazy week last week, I have been very emotionally exhausted and ready for a break from all of this choas!  Many things lie ahead but as of today some decisions are in the past!!  This may not be much but for me, it is!  We canceled Little man's MRI as two of his doctor's wanted to wait until six months of age.  (so we will keep everyone posted as to when that will be and what the results will be) This is so exciting for me because after last week, the last thing I wanted was to hear my baby scream in hunger for 7+ hours, be hooked up to an IV, be sedated, and taken from me for it.  I'm glad to say we had a very pleasing FAMILY day today as SuperDaddy took today off for the scheduled MRI that we didn't have to go to! I'm refreshed to say the least, in love with SuperDaddy, and love being Little Peanut's and Little Man's mommy.  Thank you Jesus for all you've given me!!

And for more exciting news...We got the approval letter from the Health Insurance to start treatment for Little Man's port wine stain!  And his appoinment will be next wednesday Feb 15 at 9am.  Yes, that means we have to leave Wausau no later than 5 am!!!! YIKES!!! But I'll do just about anything for my little man!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  We lift our Little Man up to the Lord and pray his episodes are not seizures.  His neurologist is "waiting" for more to happen before admitting him to the hospital to run a longer EEG.  We pray that they stop and that we will not be admitted.  He hasn't had one since saturday night.  Please continue to pray for him.

And here's a cute picture of Peanut...