Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its been awhile....

It's been some time since I last posted and I must apologize!  Things have been crazy 'round this house lately.  SuperDaddy has been working crazy hours for the last month or so.  I recently opened an 'in-home" daycare and closed it just as fast due to our home's stress level.  With the mom and dad working it got a little crazy.  This week was the last week for the daycare, so we are praying the stress level comes down a little bit.  Honestly, it got really bad...bad enough to see the Pastor!  So like any couple who needs counseling...we thought he would tell us something that would change us like instantly  fix all of our problems just like that, or from my perspective tell SuperDaddy to stop working so much  tell us everything we already knew.  We as a couple had fallen away from keeping Christ at the center of our home and marriage.  We no longer were spending time together in the Word, praying together, and seeking God in our life.  We knew this, but it took the pastor to tell us, someone outside looking in. to tell us the bold statement-Get back into the Word and make Christ the center of our home again.  So that is exactly what we have been doing ever since.  For almost 2 weeks now, only missing one day because of a long day trip...we have been faithfully spending every evening praying and reading together.  It truly has changed so much in our home and marriage.  God is restoring hopefulness that I had lost because of SuperDaddy being so busy at work.  Joy is evident in our home in midst of sad times.
We always knew when we wanted to start trying for the next baby.  We wanted Little Peanut and the next baby 15-18 months apart (that gave us three months to try, right?) With Little peanut we were pregnant on the second try.  No here, nope. We have been trying for six month now and sadly we are still not pregnant. It is so easy to get upset with God and say "why me"  "why can't you just give us a baby?"  "what did I do to deserve this?"  When it isn't about my deserving it at fact...I deserve death in hell for eternity.  God wants me to remember that He is all I need and I must find my comfort and Joy in Him!  Phillipians 4 is a good reminder of contentment...(hmmm...where have I heard that before) God has placed Jeremiah 29:11  on my heart tonight about my future and trusting His plans over my own.  "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"  It hurts not having a baby growing inside of me that SuperDaddy and I have dreamt of having for half a year now.  But we must be patient...let go of the hope of having a baby 18 months younger than little peanut and await for God's timing.  God is perfect and his plans are perfect!!!

Little Peanut is almost one year old now.  We will be having a little party for her as our little princess!!  She is a precious gem to us and we thank God for her daily!  We also pray that she would come to know Him at the earliest possible age!  Here is a picture of her...she is growing fast...

And one last thing...SuperDaddy has agreed to let me paint the trim and cupboards in our kitchen.  They were re-done before we bought the house with cheap ugly laminate cupboards. Some may think I'm crazy to paint them.  But I want them to match my style not theirs or yours.  :)

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will actually get to painting them and posting again real soon.  I still want to show you the before and after shots of our playroom that has been done for awhile now still awaiting trim in the new foyer we created.

Have a great night!!!