Wednesday, August 11, 2010 much you love someone...when he's away... it hurts

I've been missing SuperDaddy a great deal this week and the anticipation of next week.  This week he is in Michigan working on a school IT project, next week he goes to FL for training in a certain thing. IT goes over my head, something about VMWare, I think.
 He is a busy man at work(and home for that matter); very talented and everyone and their brother comes to him to "fix" all the problems at work.  It's hard at times, but I'm thankful that he has a job. On these long stretches of him being away from us, I must stop and remember "it's only for a short time."  There's many husbands who are gone in the military, driving truck, and some flying planes that make long stretches the norm.  I am very thankful my husband's job is not that.
Moreover, I do have to say that I have an incredible relationship with SuperDaddy.  God has truly blessed us with a way of being one together.  We have been married for almost a year and a half and still have not had one fight.  We just don't see a reason to argue, fight, or cause turmoil in our home.  Yes, we have our disagreements, but we usually end up agreeing to disagree on those things.  This being said, our home is a loving, quiet place to be together.  I love him so much and it literally hurts to be away from him for this amount of time. When he's not here, there is a void in the home, in the bed, and a void in a part of me until he returns.  I've never loved any other human as much as I love him.  No one on earth has shown me unconditional love as he does.  Someone once told me that being co-dependent in a marraige is unhealthy.  I strongly disagree!!  SuperDaddy and I are mutually dependent on each other and proud of it!!  He's my husband, my knight in shining armor, my hero.  I love him and pray for him daily, and when he's away I pray that our Lord will return him home safely to us. 

Thank you Lord Jesus for such a loving husband and father to little peanut...