Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 3: love is not selfish

"Are those all yours?!?"

"Are those twins?!?" Oh my! There's another one, triplets?!?"

"Are they all in the same family?!?"

"What are you doing here with so many?!?"

"Do you run a daycare?!?"

"Oh my, you are blessed?!?"

"It must be easier at home with so many"

And the classic, " you have got your hands full!!!"

These are just a few things said to me as I took my four kids aged 4,3,2,1 into the mall this morning.  Something I do not do on a regular basis, in fact it's been nearly a year that I have ventured out with all four by myself.  Am I crazy?!? Well, some may conclude that I am, but I wasn't there for "fun". Nor was I there for "shopping fun". For those of you who know me well, I dislike shopping.  So why did I drag all four of my kiddos to the mall this morning.  I had a little over an hour to run there and back because SuperDaddy needed the van back.  I couldn't get the quad clan folded up, so I went with two single strollers.  Not a good idea but I was on a mission. SuperDaddy and I have been under a lot of stress this year.  Lots of struggles, trials, tears, pain but in turn lots of growing! Last week,  The Lord put I on my heart to try the Love Dare with SuperDaddy. Ok, how was I going to do this.  I want to show him that I love him no matter what, unconditionally, beyond words, selflessly. But how?!?  Well, the Love dare teaches you from the heart how to show Christ's love to your spouse. I was up for the challenge. Day 1 was hard. Love is patient;  "Do not say anything negative"-it took me three days for this one.  Actually, it took a friend to tell me that I need to give myself grace, realize I cannot do it without Christ and move on to day 2 already! So thank you my dear friend! I'm sure you'll be reading this! Praising The Lord for our friendship! Day 2 love is kind, "one act of kindness"- not so bad. I gave him a massage and made him pumpkin bars. Now it brings us to today, day 3 love is not selfish- " whatever you put your time, energy, and money into will become mor important to you. It's hard to care for something you are not investing in. Along with refraining from any negative comments, BUY your spouse something that says, " I was thinking of you today."  I've been reading these before bed so that I have time to reflect on what I am suppose to day the next day. But what?!? Say that again, BUY him something! I wanted to do the dare thing right, but how was I going to buy him something TODAY! We have one van, and he needs it.  I have four kids, how do I take them all with me even if I got the van?!? He doesn't like gifts, they don't speak to him. What would. I buy him that goes above and beyond that fact?!? Excuse after excuse in my head.  Then this morning, (we were sharing a twin blanket in bed) he said I stole all the blankets fom him. "I'm. Sorry". It clicked.  I could get him a king size blanket!! Now how to get around the other obstacles. Ok. So. I asked for the van for an hour. Raced to get the kids together, still in thei pjs. Got them all bundled up and loaded in the van. Couldn't get the quad folded so I took the two singles. I planned to push 2, ergo 1, and the oldest could walk. I got this. Off we went to the mall at 9 am on a Monday!  We get there at 9!  Wait the mall doesn't open until 10!?! Uggghh!! Thankfully today is Columbus Day or some kind of holiday and you keeps was open!! Yippee, praise The Lord!!! So I'm pushing two single strollers, carrying baby, and keeping track of the four year old walking.  No hands for a cart so I attempt to get the 3year old in the stroller to hold th blanket. He kept dropping it. We finally made it to the check out as I was  humbled throughout the whole store with the above opening comments. Come on, really, you've never seen a family with four kids before?!? Why is it such a BIG DEAL to have four kids!!! Really?!? What if I said, I want more than four, would I be shunned, or stoned to death with the glare in your eyes!! Anyways, back to the story. There was no price tag, off to run back and get the price tag!! As I type this, it dawned on me, why didn't they call for a price check?!? After fumbling, dropping, screaming at the kids bc use I kept losing them as they ran away, we finally bought SuperDaddy's gift that says "I was thinking of you today."  I let the kids get a gum all and ride on a ride and then we races back to the van, get them all buckled in and realized the baby dropped his expensive straw cup full of BREASTMILK!! We stopped in at children's on the way back to the van, maybe it's there.  I called them and they found it.  So I wasn't about to unbuckle all four kids so. I did the unthinkable. I locked the van and ran back up into the mall for my BREASTMILK!!! Priceless stuff you know. And I guess the cup too. So I'm out of breathe now and so ready to be done with this love dare, but with a smile on my face I drive home. We almost got hit by a truck on Stewart because he was driving on the right side of me pretending that was a lane! Adrenaline going, I squeal my horn and lose it. Crying, I get home, hand SuperDaddy his blanket and told him Inloved him unselfishly. His words were priceless. "Thank you! What you went through speaks louder to me than the blanket itself, I love you too". Deep breathe, wipe off the tears, I did it!! Now to bring the kids in for the van and get them down for naps! They are all sleeping soundly as. I type this! Thank you Jesus. God is good all the time.  All the time, God is good!!

Romans 12:10 
"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor." 

I love my husband beyond words and beyond four kids at the mall with rude people! I love my God and my marriage. Thank you Steven and Alex Kendrick for the Love Dare. It is teaching me valuable lessons on love that I have never known!! If you want to be transformed I suggest you take the Love Dare!! You won't be disappointed and I'm only on day three!!!