Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Man's 9 month update...

 Last month we found out Little Man is allergic to cats and dogs.  We are so thankful for an answer to his problems; but it doesn't stop there.  Things started to improve greatly, just after a week of the cats being gone and most of the cleaning done, he started eating solid foods.  He has been doing wonderfully with food, and it's so relaxing knowing he can eat more than just breastmilk!  And this Mommy is proud to say he has gained 1 whole pound and .25 inches since he started eating.  Before this, he didn't grow for 2 months at all.  So we are exhausted from the cleaning, replacing carpet and furniture and trying to understand all of this.  Well, he still has been having episodes, which keeps him awake at night, and continued problems with the cat allergy.  We saw the allergy doctor again yesterday and he diagnosed him with severe asthma and put him on more steroids.  It's so hard to hear this.  I cried in the doctor's office when he said we need to give my little 9 month old baby steroids every day.  I'm in shock to say the least.  I told a friend last night "I'm struggling so much with this news. The side-effects of the drug can cause the same symptoms it is suppose to treat. I cried when the dr told me. I'm exhuasted. I'm tired of taking my baby to drs. I'm tired of bad news. I'm tired of being tired. Apparently the asthma is what causes him to not sleep at night. I desire sleep and some normalacy. please pray for us."  This is so true. Please if you think of us, please pray for my baby and our family.  SuperDaddy and I are exhuasted, we are beyond tired and energy drinks (they no longer help us).  We need our baby to have a good night's sleep and we are praying this medication will give us that.  If you have any experience with infant asthma and treatment, please message me.  I do not feel comfortable with all of this, but I feel like I don't have many options.  So please keep us in your prayers. But praise the Lord that my little Man can finally eat solid foods and start growing again!!!

As with his allergies, since he tested positive for cat and dog so young; he will need to be tested every 3-4 months for new allergies.  He is more suseptable to all sorts of allergies because of his current allergies and his young age.  You aren't suppose to be positive for allergies until at least a toddler.  So being an infant and having allergies is a big deal. That's what they told me anyway. 

As for his port wine stain, he had his first sedated treatment on August 3.  It went very well and the doctor thinks we should only need a couple more treatments!!  That will be nice not going to Milwaukee every 2 months.

He had another eye check up and that went great.  He still has good eye pressure and healthy nerves. He still has a 50% chance of developing gluocoma. Please continue to pray that he doesn't develop this condition.  He needs to be rechecked every 3 months.

Like I stated above, please keep my baby and our family in your prayers.  My Little Man has been to so many doctor visits and he is only 9 months old.  I'm thankful for the medical system and provisions for my son's issues. In addtion, I'm thankful for help and answers.  Thank you Lord for answers, May you keep Little Man in your hands and continue to protect him.

Here's Little Peanut... She is now 2.5 and doing wonderfully! Great personality, great humor, and always very curious!  She has her moments and sometimes I lose my patience with her. But overall, she is a joy and pleasure to be with. I love my Peanut, that is for sure!!!  She brings me joy in my heart!!!