Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sleep is such a wonderful thing these days!

Little Peanut has been the sweetest child this past week.  Why?  What has changed?  I'll tell you what has changed.  Yes, it was last Friday, I was getting over a cold, got very little sleep through the night.  Peanut was still sleeping with us half the night, waking up 6 times a night ( on a good night) and that morning she decided to wake up at 5 AM! And not go back to sleep.  She wasn't napping well either, since about 2 months old this was our life.  Well one week ago, this Mom had enough!  I was broken, tired, and needed change.  So did this self-sleep deprived baby of mine.  So that day my mother in law took Peanut for a few hours so that I could get some much needed rest.  I didn't sleep very well but did get a lot done in an hour and a half.  I cleaned the house, did the dishes, put laundry away, and moved Peanut's things, i.e. her bed, back into her room.  The change was about to begin.  That night we decided it was time to let her "cry it out."  Something I was really not fond of nor did I ever want to have to do this.  But we all needed it, desperately.  The first night wasn't so bad, she whimpered a little but overall it went well.  Second night was rough, nearly crying for 2 hours, by the third night she didn't even wake up from 7 pm to 5 am!  Wow, really!  It's been hit or miss sleeping through the night.  2 nights all the way through, then one night waking up once.  But even if she wakes up once, I'll take it over 6!  Night sleeping hasn't just improved, so did naps during the day!  It's only been a week, so we are still trying to figure out a routine, but she has been going down in her crib awake, falling asleep on her own, and sleeping for 1-2 hours TWICE a day!  I'm loving it!!!  I'm getting so much done around the house, it's unreal!!  I'm praising Jesus for this past week and pray that this is the new norm for this household.  It is a much happier home to be in (no crabby mommy, and cranky baby)  If this stays this way, I want 5 more!!  I've always wanted a big family!

So to explain the picture...SuperDaddy and I have noticed Peanut has been much happier, more alert, and is learning so much so quickly since she has been sleeping better.  Her new tricks are " So Big", clapping her hands in excitement, sticking her tongue out playfully, playing ball, and pulling herself up!  She even eats better these days!

Thank you Little Peanut for this positive change in our home, Praising Jesus for how He works!!!